You are looking for a professional audit or a consultant? Hureca :: Consultants can provide the professional to meet your needs.

HURECA, Information technology consultants

At Hureca, we understand the importance of capitalizing on human resources as part of the overall success of your organization.

Hureca IT is an IT consulting firm. It is part of Hureca group. Founded in 2003, Hureca is a human capital firm. The presence of Hureca has spread across Europe and Canada. Building on its success, the company has a specialized division in information technology to fill all your needs within your IT projects. The strength of our team is based on the training and experience of our employees. Each Hureca Consultant is a professional who developed different skills: - Management of human resources, - Operations management, - Strategic planning, - Financial management and management of information technology in various sectors of activity (Web, Marketing, IT, Retail, Accounting Finance etc ...). Our knowledge: your solution!